API reference for cpprb

cpprb Package



Create function to be used before ReplayBuffer.add

create_buffer(size[, env_dict, prioritized])

Create specified version of replay buffer

create_env_dict(env, *[, int_type, float_type])

Create env_dict from Open AI gym.space for ReplayBuffer.__init__

train(ReplayBuffer buffer, env, get_action, …)

Train RL policy (model)


PrioritizedReplayBuffer(size[, env_dict, …])

Prioritized replay buffer class to store transitions with priorities.

ReplayBuffer(size[, env_dict, next_of, …])

Replay Buffer class to store transitions and to sample them randomly.

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Inheritance diagram of cpprb.PyReplayBuffer.PrioritizedReplayBuffer, cpprb.PyReplayBuffer.ReplayBuffer

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